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Via delle Fornaci, 57 - Impruneta (Firenze)





Products Vaso a Camela

Vaso a camela

Product code: 3032  


Category: Vases

Product description

Art. 3032/20 Vaso a camela cm. 20 D x 20 H
Art. 3032/25 Vaso a camela cm 25 D x 28 H
Art. 3032/30 Vaso a camela cm 30 D x 28 H
Art. 3032/35 Vaso a camela cm. 35 D x 30 H
Art. 3032/40 Vaso a camela cm 40 D x 35 H
Art. 3032/45 Vaso a camela cm. 45 D x 37 H
Art. 3032/50 Vaso a camela cm. 50 D x 42 H
Art. 3032/55 Vaso a camela cm. 55 D x 52 H
Art. 3032/60 Vaso a camela cm. 60 D x 55 H
Art. 3032/70 Vaso a camela cm 70 d x 65 H