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Via delle Fornaci, 57 - Impruneta (Firenze)





Yes, the entire range of products of the Masini furnace is weatherproof from -20° up to desert climate. This peculiarity is due to the precious clay extracted in the area of Impruneta, a village near Florence, between the Ema and Greve valleys. The area of extraction is fairly small (about 200 square kilometres) therefore the value of the material extracted is considerable.
Due to the properties of the clay of Impruneta all our products are weatherproof. We wish, anyway, to give you some tips for the winter time to better preserve our cotto:
1. use small wooden supports or terracotta to keep the vase raised and make sure the drain hole is not clogged;
2. make sure there is no stagnant water in saucers;
3. Empty and turn over the saucers when temperatures are close to 0°;
4. wall and garden fountains should be emptied during the cold season to prevent cracks or ruptures due to freezing water;
5. Do not move, lift or use hot water if the vessels are frozen and stuck to the ground, in needed use salt;
6. Prevent snow remains for long over the products.
The colouration of each product is unique, this is due to the chemical and physical components of the clay of Impruneta, which emerge during fireing?? The most particular chemical component is iron oxide that allows the colouring of the baked product in a characteristic red.
It is possible, but the beauty of terracotta lies in its colouring and as long as the article does not come out of the oven we do not know what will the colour be. Sometimes hydrochloric acid is used to remove the white coating called "salnistro" but we prefer to keep our products with their natural colour.
Since 2005 the company is a founding member of the Historical and Artistic Kilns of Impruneta Association, that is committed to give strength to the reasons for quality and culture. It can be recognized by a brand that ensures the highest level of each individual object in which the irreplaceable touch of the craftsman and the living force of tradition are clearly traceable.
We ship our products all over the world. After selecting the articles your interested in, please contact us by e-mail or phone and we will be pleased to assist with any request and give you our best offer, including shipping, packaging and any customs charges, if required.
Yes, all our articles are insured against damage or breakage during transportation, even though they are sent in good conditions and well packed.