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Via delle Fornaci, 57 - Impruneta (Firenze)





In 1934, Ottavio and Livio Masini began working as kilnmen by taking over the old Giuseppe Agresti Kiln in Impruneta.

The following year, their brother Bruno joined them and he alone, in 1939, took over the old Vanni Kiln that dated back to 1681.

The Production was concentrated mainly on building materials such as roof tiles, floor tiles, etc.. Even at that time, however, the kiln produced a few number of vases, flower pots and jars (enamelled inside to contain oil and wine) that were fired in the old nineteenth century, wood-fired kilns, still existing today even though no longer in working order.

Immediately after the war, during the reconstruction period, the production was concentrated on building materials and sewer pipes.

At the end of the sixties, as a result of new and different market requirements, by then also from foreign countries, the Masini Kiln decided to transfer a good part of its production for garden articles, vases, flower pots, jars, made from the jealously preserved old Vanni moulds. In the mid Seventies, after the death of his father, Osvaldo Masini took over the kiln and, with the help of expert collaborators, like  his son Marco, carried on the activity.

With the expansion of the market, research was made into new shapes to satisfy the requirements of increasingly selected customers.

The company currently produces about 1000 articles of various shapes and sizes that range from the classical to the most modern. The techniques and work cycles remain unchanged: in fact, larger vases and jars are entirely handmade using the old “coil” technique; hours and hours of work are required to complete a unique, highly ornamental object, carefully signed and dated. Special attention is paid to the firing process that gives the finished product roughness, compactness and the characteristic deep rustic red colour that is typical of the earth of Impruneta.

They are unique products, of exceptional beauty and highly resistant to atmospheric agents, especially frost and temperatures as low as -25°C. The craftsmen of the Masini Kiln use not only  their skill and creativity, but also the dedication and passion of their forefathers.

The company is a member of the Consortium for the Terracotta of Impruneta under whose trademark, the famous rosette, all the craft and industrial companies are grouped together to maintain the specific properties of Impruneta's terracotta. The mark guarantees the integral and exclusive use of local clays worked on site, whose processes respects the environment and  highlights  the special nature of Impruneta's earth.